Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat Activities

Sr.No. Title Download/Details Publish Date
1 Aaj Ka Vakya: The hostel does not have a good bookstore. Download 317.34 KB 05-12-2020
2 Aaj Ka Vakya: Classes could not be held today due to rain. Download 324.17 KB 04-12-2020
3 Aaj Ka Vakya: My favourite subjects are Psychology and Social Sciences. Download 330.6 KB 03-12-2020
4 Aaj Ka Vakya: What are your favourite subjects? Download 323.48 KB 02-12-2020
5 Aaj Ka Vakya: I am a final year graduate student. Download 324.1 KB 01-12-2020
6 Aaj Ka Vakya: You are a good player. Download 319.24 KB 30-11-2020
7 Aaj Ka Vakya: Congratulations for your selection to the college hockey team. Download 331.13 KB 29-11-2020
8 Aaj Ka Vakya: We can go to a hill station together after exams. Download 342.52 KB 28-11-2020
9 Aaj Ka Vakya: Food of our canteen is delicious. Download 317.6 KB 27-11-2020
10 Aaj Ka Vakya: We can meet for group studies before the exam. Download 326.41 KB 26-11-2020
11 Aaj Ka Vakya: Which Indian state do you belong to? Download 320.72 KB 25-11-2020
12 Aaj Ka Vakya: This year, annual celebration of the college has been cancelled. Download 1.74 MB 24-11-2020
13 Aaj Ka Vakya: What subjects are you graduating in? Download 1.78 MB 23-11-2020
14 Aaj Ka Vakya: I live in a nearby hostel. Download 1.77 MB 22-11-2020
15 Aaj Ka Vakya: The library is far from the main gate of the college. Download 1.78 MB 21-11-2020
16 Aaj Ka Vakya: I want to go to the library. Download 1.72 MB 20-11-2020
17 Aaj Ka Vakya: Can you tell us about tomorrow's meeting? Download 1.97 MB 19-11-2020
18 Aaj Ka Vakya: Please send a reply to my query urgently. Download 1.75 MB 18-11-2020
19 Aaj Ka Vakya: My colleagues are very disciplined. Download 1.74 MB 17-11-2020
20 Aaj Ka Vakya: I have complete knowledge about office activities. Download 1.59 MB 16-11-2020